Lake brook

ATV crossing road

Collapsed bridge

Beaver pond

Lake brook 04

Friday, July 22, 2011


There used to be a wooden bridge at he crossing. The bridge is now collapsed and washed out on the bank and is creating some obstruction. The obstruction and the beaver activities created a pool upstream. Light erosion and some debris noted in area.

Action Required:

Visitors must be educated on importance of maintaining an adequate buffer zone in the region. The stream banks should be stabilized (with rip-rap rocks or with vegetation) in order to slow down erosion and reduce sedimentation in the stream. A ‘‘Erosion protection’’ and/or ‘‘No dumping’’ sign should be erected near the site.

Negligible alteration

Minor alteration. Must follow site

Alteration with possibility of impact

Alteration with impact. Recommended intervention.

Full restoration

incomplete restoration or monitor

Restoration to be completed