Grants Stream

Waterfront property and man-made rock dam

Waterfront property

Waterfront property

Bridge on route 134

Dicth to watercourse

Pipe outfall from pond

Grants 13

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Residential area on each side of the bridge on route 134. Properties on the right bank are on a steep bank. Big boulders on the bank to prevent erosion. The properties upstream and downstream all have short cut grass up to the stream banks. Lots of algae and slime on the stream bed. Someone dumped a big pile of fish remains in the river. Lots of garbage in the river and on the stream banks. Man-made trout pond with two pipe outfalls on the left bank. Man-made rock dam downstream that created a small pond.

Action Required:

Landowner education on the importance of maintaining an adequate buffer zone on their property and the effects of a man-made pond and man-made rock dam on a watercourse. Clean up the garbage and promote site cleanliness with appropriate signs.

Negligible alteration

Minor alteration. Must follow site

Alteration with possibility of impact

Alteration with impact. Recommended intervention.

Full restoration

incomplete restoration or monitor

Restoration to be completed