Millstream River

Rip-rap wall

Access to the river

Access to the river

Waterfront property

Rip-rap wall

Rip-rap wall

Millstream 45

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This section of the river has residences along its banks. Houses are mostly on the left bank for the first 270 m and then both banks are urbanized. The last 200 m of this site, we can see breakwaters on both sides of the river. Stream bed composition changes and so does the slope of the banks.

Action Required:

Bank stabilization is important in the last section of this site. Breakwaters are good but the absence of vegetation may be harmful on the long term. Try to encourage the establishment of vegetation and also the maintenance of good sewage systems.

Alteration negligible

Minor alteration. Must follow site

Alteration with possibility of impact

Alteration with impact. Recommended intervention.

Full restoration

incomplete restoration or monitor

Restoration to be completed