Armstrong Brook

Inlet of the tunnel : 1

Inlet of the tunnel :2

Inlet of the tunnel : View 3

Outlet of the tunnel : View 1

Outlet of the tunnel : View 2

Armstrong Brook 37425-End

Friday, August 10, 2012


Man made tunnel bridge off of highway 134 in Belledune that Armstrong Brook runs through. The streams outlet is 100 meters from the ocean. Rip-rap rocks were found at the tunnels outlet but are missing on one side bank at the inlet. Site can be affected by human activities because it is located near Belledune’s village park. Lots of alge was found downstream of the tunnel where the oceans salt water meets fresh water from Armstrong Brook. Alge might be present at this time because of a long duration of warm weather prior to sampling, the streams water was around 20 degrees Celsius. Aquatic plants were abounding most likely for the same reason as the alge.

Action Required:

Visitors must be educated on the importance of maintaining a healthy buffer zone. An ‘‘Erosion protection’’ and/or ‘‘No dumping’’ sign should be erected near the site. Rip-rap should be placed on the stream inlet where missing to slow down the erosion and to give it more stability.

Negligible alteration

Minor alteration. Must follow site

Alteration with possibility of impact

Alteration with impact. Recommended intervention.

Full restoration

incomplete restoration or monitor

Restoration to be completed