The Chaleur Bay Watershed Group (CBWG) is a non-profit environmental conservation organization that works to improve and preserve the natural ecosystem of the Chaleur Bay rivers. The organization’s goal is to promote awareness and encourage watershed community participation in the identification of environmental problems and the restoration of their waterfront properties.

This site is meant to create an information-sharing platform and a way to reach people in the community who are interested in the health of our rivers. Partnerships are a key component in the success of our group. Should you wish to participate in a project with us, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it further.

Why protect our rivers?

A healthy riparian zone improves water quality by filtering sediments, pesticides and other pollutants. It provides shade and lowers the temperature of rivers for fish and other aquatic organisms. Wildlife living near rivers are also dependent on the riparian zones in terms of food and habitat

Our Partners